I started this post after my first class ended on January 22nd and at the time, was thinking ’16 hour days aren’t that bad…I feel great! I can definitely keep this up for the next 3 years!’ At the time, I half expected to be so tired by the end of the day that I would somehow fall asleep on the landing between the second and third floors of my apartment building and not even make it back to my bed that had been calling my name since I left it at 4am that morning. At the time, I thought my idea of GTL…gym, taking care of business (work), and learning (class) made perfect sense. Just keep yourself so busy that you don’t even realize how tired you are, right?! Those were famous last words! Just a side note, public transportation in the wonderful city of Boston, Massachusetts does not start early enough to get me to a 6am gym session (40 minutes away) by 6am…I definitely should have thought that one through first. Not only did I miss the one bus that could get me to the training session remotely on time, but I also had to turn around and walk to the T which was 3/4 of a mile in the opposite direction while shuffling my feet to avoid slipping on ice while carrying 30lbs of stuff (to be honest, I’m not even sure what I brought) on each shoulder….oh, and it was 10 degrees out (not including the wind chill).

Cue the next morning when I wake up to Ilana’s text message at 7:15 am (I’m usually on the bus at around 6:45), get dressed in 6 minutes, catch the bus with no makeup on (don’t worry world, I put some on when I got to work), and had to wait 15 extra minutes because the usually reliable red line had come to a complete stop due to a disabled train at the station I needed to go to…awesome. When I finally sat down at my desk with a large coffee in hand (insert sigh of relief), I thought I was home free. What’s a half an hour late to work when I log additional hours on most other days? I had to remind myself that it was really FINE. I didn’t miss any meetings, I didn’t sleep til noon (which I probably would have done if it wasn’t for Ilana), and it’s quite possible that no one even noticed my tardiness as I sprinted through my office doors, disheveled as ever (which, come to think of it, happens more often than not). My thoughts must have jinxed me because 5 seconds later, my large coffee (which I desperately needed to ingest) was knocked ALL over my desk with piping hot toasted almond coffee (with skim milk and 2 equal) barely missing my brand new iPhone 5…oh yeah, and soaking half the important papers on my desk. Fortunately, I think my stream of bad luck ended there.

After my 6am gym debacle, I smartened up and decided to switch the time to 7:30am. I have come to terms with the fact that I will be slightly late for work once a week. It’s okay…I’m not missing anything, I’m not hurting anyone, and it’s something I NEED to do in order to keep my marbles…which I fear I’m losing by the day (if anyone finds them, let me know). Classes are great and the homework has already started pouring in (anyone remember how to do accounting??) but I’m working towards finding my groove for the next 3 years, and trying not to oversleep in the process.