I knew this day would come quickly but I never realized that 4 months would pass SO quickly. I’m currently sitting on the 57 bus heading to my business school orientation and trying to imagine how I am going to get through the next three years. The idea of balancing full time work, almost full time grad school, a be fit workout program, friends, and family seemed a little less daunting at the time I applied, but now the panic and anxiety are sweeping in and I’m mentally shuffling my priorities around…who needs sleep anyway? I’m definitely the youngest in my class but I also look 5 years younger than I am. Will anyone take me seriously? Will people be friendly? Will I be able to keep up? That is yet to be determined…but I’ll try and tackle each day one at a time. On the bright side, I liked the first outfit I put on which NEVER happens…really, never.

Anywho, it’s too late to change my mind now so all I can do is jump in with both feet and hope that there are no sharks in the water (or eels…I really hate eels)…

I hope everyone has a wonderful and stress-free day!