While taking a quick mental break at work, I stumbled across this gem: Kim and Kanye Buy $11M Mansion for Growing Family

I really loved this article (and found it hysterical) because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would buy a house the size of a capital city for the two of them and their unborn child. I’ll admit, I find celebrity gossip to be like one of those awkward, funny movies (ie: Meet the Parents). It sometimes makes you cringe but for some reason, you can’t look away because it’s so ridiculous. This fast-track Kimye relationship can’t really be happening…can it?

Besides the mere entertainment this relationship provides for the general public, it also serves as a major source of positivity in two ways. First, if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can find true love it can’t be that hard for the rest of us, right? Lastly, no matter what decisions you make in life and how big of a mess they may turn out to be, I can almost promise that you will still end up happier than the two of them!

Now back to work…Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!