Now that it’s a new year and Kels and Lans have both introduced themselves AND written multiple posts, it’s time for me to do the same!

I’m Ariel but most call me Rel (R-E-L…get it?) or some variation on the theme. I’m the oldest of the apartment (by only one year) but definitely play the role of ‘Mama Rel’, especially during those crazy nights when I fall asleep on the bathroom floor, holding my roommate’s hand as she throws up. I’d say that’s true friendship right there! I was born and raised in a suburb of Boston and at first, was VERY unhappy to be back after graduation as most friends went to New York City or elsewhere to have amazing adventures far from home and their families. I didn’t live AT home but I definitely wasn’t far (let’s put it this way…it was in a different zip code…barely). It wasn’t that I was afraid to have an adventure, but I wanted to work at a hospital in Health Care Finance which fortunately (or unfortunately), is right outside my childhood front door. I’m proud to say that I work at the best hospital in the country (#1 woo hoo!) and in 21 days, am starting my MBA in Health Sector Management at one of the top Business Schools. I always have to remind myself that I’m doing pretty well and that having family close by is never a bad thing (although mine doesn’t come to clean the apartment when I’m not there). I am truly fortunate to have them just a few miles away.

While growing up, I was told that everything should be done to work toward a specific goal. All internships, classes, clubs, etc. had to mean something which brings me to my first point…I’m a planner and I like to have control. I have a VERY type-A personality and sometimes feel like a 30 year old living in a 24 year old’s body which brings me to my second point…I have anxiety disorder. While being anxious can motivate, it can also be extremely harmful (emotionally and physically – I also enjoy zzzquil) and frustrating. It also causes me to put other people before myself (because it’s always easier to solve other people’s problems, right?). The end of 2012 not only means the literal beginning of a new year and a clean slate, but also allows me to close the book on a year-long abusive relationship. In 2013, I’m going to kick anxiety’s ass and focus on myself, the people I love (and who love me), and let go of my need for control. 2013 is also going to be about great accomplishments academically and otherwise, and finding my balance of work and play. This is the biggest cliché in the world but LIFE IS TOO SHORT. It has been almost three years since I left the magical bubble of Storrs, CT, and time is only speeding up. I’ve vowed to live every day with love and have NO regrets.

Here’s to 2013 – it’s definitely going to be OUR year.