Seeing as today is January 1, I figured I should finally write my first post, as this is something I have been meaning to do for a while.  Hey! I’m Ilana or as most of my friends call me Lans.  I went to UCONN where I met my amazing castle mates and then moved to the best city ever in September of 2011.  Moving to Boston has been an absolute dream come true- I’m one of those people who LOVED college and cried when I left some of my best friends after graduation.  But life post college is even better- no homework and all the freedom in the world.  I am so lucky to share this city with some of my favorite people from Providence (where I grew up), UCONN, and other parts of my life.

So my life- the reason we decided to start this blog.  I was in a sorority in college and we have a tradition where every year as a send off, the sorority gets together, gets drunk, and “roasts” all the senior girls.  For this senior roast the girl who was in charge of putting together this event made us all shirts that  said seniors on the front and something specific to each senior on the back.  Mine said “my life is a sick joke”- this is how I am known to pretty much everyone who knows me well enough.  However more recently I have decided to remove the sick part because my life is just ridiculous.  I truly believe my friends only keep me around for my stories and for their entertainment. I’ll take it- I hope you at least get a good laugh out of how amazing and funny and ironic and ridiculous my life is at all times.  I’ll get into this in the next post but it ranges from my boss who looks like Mr Incredible and acts like he is the best person on this planet to running into awkward past hook ups at the worst times to dating 30 year olds to my ridiculously overprotective incredible parents coming to clean my apartment when I’m not even there and so so much more.

One of my best friends and I have decided that this year, although it is 2013 (note the 13), this is going to be OUR year…we are 23.. employed…loving life..and living with no regrets.  We’ve decided we are way too young to settle in any aspect of our lives, whether it is love, friendship, or reaching a gym or health goal.  Although I do not do crossfit like Kels, my gym is very similar and we share the same passion for lifting weights and being strong AND sexy.  Kelsie is much more inspirational than I am so I’ll leave that part of the blog to her but I’ll throw in my 2 sense every now and then too.

BRUNCH- i plan my weekends around it and you should too.  This is something I do know well and bring my roommates to some of my best brunch places in the city so I will happily share my gold mines with you.  Let’s start with Cafe Luna in Cambridge- Nutella Banana stuffed french toast.. need I say more?

I’m sorry this post is all over the place and I promise the next will be better but this is my brief introduction. I could not be happier with where I am in life right now and the people who surround me every day.  I am extremely lucky and live my life to the fullest, because as Kelsie said, we only have one life and this is mine.  Welcome : ))

Happy new year!! Bring it 2013- we’re ready for you.