So the plan was to wait for everyone to post their opening statements so you could get to know each one of us a little before we start telling stories and sharing our life lessons. Well in the interest of the day I had (just wait – this is going to be good) I decided to break that thought. You know when you wake up and you just have this feeling, this feeling that things will not be going your way no matter what you do. It’s like those orange juice commercials, where she goes through all the tough things that are going to happen and she says “Well, at least I have my orange juice.” Ladies and gents, I did not have my orange juice. So the story begins…

Sleep and I have not been getting along lately. I can fall asleep, but don’t stay asleep. I can’t fall asleep, then can’t wake up. It’s a vicious cycle for which I’ve turned to wine and Zzquil (healthy – I know). So I fell asleep just fine, and woke up ready to start a new day at 3am. Awesome. When I finally got back to sleep at 7am, I must have shoved my phone so far under my pillow to where I never heard my alarm go off. Finally woke up at 8:45am… too bad I had an 8am meeting. Again, awesome.  Now being a consultant, I can pretty much work anywhere. They set us up with a VPN and say “Hey, you can work from home you just have to be available all the time.” Nice catch 22 huh. It just so happened this day I needed to go into the office to have my computer worked on, and I had a coffee date (we’ll save dating for another post – but believe me, that one will be hilarious as well).

Frantically I check the bus schedule and find the last bus into the city for the morning is at 9:25am… it was 9:10am. Scramble together some lunch, throw on some clothes, braid my hair back and sprint to the bus. PHEW, just made it. Heart beat coming down, sweat starts to cool… wait a minute, why is the bus turning left… CRAP – wrong bus. So I think so myself, oh well I’ll just hop on the T when it drops me off and head to the office. Another wave of panic sets in as I very clearly picture my wallet sitting on the counter at my apartment. So this means no money, no credit cards, no keys and just my luck I used the last $4.50 on my Charlie card to take the express bus downtown. Just a recap, It is now 9:45am and I am already having an AWESOME day… and it only gets better.

At this point I’m questioning how I’m getting back today. Thank goodness for Rel as we made a plan for me to meet her at work and then we can hop on the T together. Finally, a win until I realize I now have a 2 mile walk from Copley to South Station where I work. Get to the office, frozen like a popsicle, and get set up and ready for my day – just in time to spill hot chocolate down my sweater. At this point, I’m actually laughing at myself until I get up to go to the bathroom and the heel of my shoe breaks off. Have you ever actually known anyone that’s happened to? No, you only read that kind of thing in a book. Until it happens. To you. On a no good, awful, bad day.

So I met the guy for coffee, which was great and a much needed reprieve (again, we’ll leave dating for another day – I have a few stories that are a doozy).  Get back to my office and realize I need to leave to meet my roommate at her office. Plug the address in my phone and it takes 20 minutes to get there, perfect! I have a conference call to listen to on my way and things are looking up. 35 minutes in to my walk I’m starting to think there’s something wrong here. Looking at all the roads I’m realizing I am walking with the one ways and going around blocks, which doesn’t make very much sense. Check my phone and see that I have forgotten to switch the navigation from driving to pedestrian mode. I have now walked way out of my way, and somehow farther from her office then I started. Good.

Finally I made it. She’s a doll so by the look on my face, she doesn’t even ask what happened just gives me a hug and says, “Let’s go home.” YES, PLEASE – well after a pit stop for wine of course. Two hours later, feet are finally kicked up on the coffee table and the wine is uncorked. Things are looking up! Up next, some amazing grilled cheese with bacon and tomatoes (I’m a lactard, but after the day I had I could have cared less). Easy peasy; dancing in the kitchen, little dash of this a little of that, delicious dinner and Im off to bed – Just kidding, that would be way too easy. Slice my finger open while cutting the cheese, burn my hand on the pan, blacken the grilled cheese, burn my tongue on the tomato soup, spill the wine… yup, that sounds more like it.

Around 8pm I realize, wow I got basically nothing done today. Between my 6 hours in transportation, hanging out at the IT desk, coffee with the guy, not much time to get actual things done. Problem one – our internet isn’t working. Of course. At least I know it’s not just my computer as the rest of the girls can’t seem to connect either. Have no fear, I can tether from my work phone! Problem two – my never fails VPN, fails. Can’t seem to connect to the work server and log in to get the information I need. So I read all the emails I didn’t get through on my phone, including multiple “WHERE ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARENT YOU RESPONDING TO ME?” from my director (again, another day and another few great stories). Finally I think to myself, “Valiant effort Kels, but I’m not sure you should continue on with this day. Throw your hands up, and off to bed with you.” I leaned back and thought, self – you are right.

I go to bed, fall asleep to a little Desperate Housewives on Netflix and think that tomorrow will be better. It just has to be. I wake up, ready to take on another day and find I HAVE PINK EYE. What respectable 20 something year old gets pink eye, you ask? Well, I guess me. And that was when I thought ya know, as fun as it is to still be grumpy about this I think I’m going to laugh. Laughing seems like a much better option at this point. And if today follows suit with yesterday, whatever. I’m going to laugh anyways.

See I have this theory called the “Black Cloud Syndrome.” It’s when you just can’t get it right. Your moves in the world aren’t lining up with the universe. Life keeps kicking and you keep falling. Flat on your face, maybe your ass, but regardless you are ALL over the place. Life lesson here – those days are going to come. More often then you want, and at the worst times possible. What can you do? If you want, pitch a tantrum. Give a big “FU” to the universe and curse the day. Then, look around you. Look at what you have, and the life you live, the chances you’ve taken, opportunities you’ve grabbed, and most of all – realize you’re living. And that alone, is something to be thankful for. Be grateful, SO grateful that you get to have a bad day. That may sound a little extremist, maybe a little off kilter but in the crazy world we live in today you have to be a little out there.

Addendum: So I wrote this post on Thursday, 12/13/12. On that day, I knew the world was a rough place. I knew that there were evils I could never imagine lurking among me in the city, in my state, in the world that I lived. However, I didn’t know that an evil so big as a shooter walking into an elementary school and taking innocent lives that had never had a chance to grow, was possible. I didn’t know that a third grader could wake up on a Friday, excited to go play at recess and finish off their week of learning could walk into class and not come home. I had no idea that a 27 year old teacher, someone who isn’t much older then I am, could go to work on a chilly December day and have to use herself as a barrier between a gun and a group of kids. I could never have fathomed that could happen. In my bubble, in my 20 something year old view of the world, I never thought I would read an article and my heart would break. Over and over again, my heart continues to break. Be thankful. Be grateful. Hold on tight to the ones you love, and never ever think that your days are dispensable. Even your bad days, are a day you get to breathe the fresh air, take a step outside your door and live your life. When you have a bad day and your kicking yourself thinking it’s THE WORST anyones ever had… look up at the sun, or the clouds, or in the rain, whatever weather you may be fighting and smile. Smile up at those kids and those adults that lost their lives yesterday. For what they would give to be having your bad day. What their families would give for them to be having your bad day.

The Castle’s thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tragedy in Newtown, CT yesterday.